Gold Nuggets are destructible objects that give experience points (EXP) to a player when it is destroyed. The player that deals the last bit of damage is the one that receives the EXP.

Levels Edit

There are 4 different levels of Gold Nuggets. They are different by size, location and EXP given. Level 1 nuggets are found only in the safe zone / No PvP Zone. Only players under level 10 can destroy nuggets in the safe zone. Outside the safezone players can find nuggets of level 2-4. Level 2 is the most common, level 4 is the most rare, and level 3 is in between.

Higher level nuggets yield more experience when destroyed, but the exact amount of EXP released varies. Higher level nuggets also take more damage to destroy. Below is a chart of averages gathered from playing[1]. Direct link here

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Low Value ~108 ~176 ~247 ?
High Value ~140 ~210 ~279 ?
Average 124.36 191.94 259.00 342.50

Trivia Edit

- There are 13 different patterns of Gold Nuggets[2]. Levels 1-3 appear to be scaled down versions of the full size nuggets.

- The developer calls them stones[2].

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