Gold nuggets are destructible objects that give experience points (EXP) to a player once that player destroys it. The player that deals the last bit of damage is the one that gets the EXP.

Levels Edit

There are 4 different levels of Gold nuggets. They are different by size, location and EXP given. Level 1 Nuggets are found only in the starting safe (No PvP) zone. Only players under level 10 can destroy nuggets in the safe zone. Nuggets of level 2-4 spawn outside of the safe zone (the digging area), with level 2 being the most common and level 4 being the more rare one.

Higher level nuggets yield higher experience when destroyed, but the exact amount of EXP released varies. Higher level nuggets also take more damage to destroy. Below is a chart of averages gathered from playing. Reference data can be viewed here

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Low Value ~108 ~176 ~247 ?
High Value ~140 ~210 ~279 ?
Average 124.36 191.94 259.00 342.50

Trivia Edit

- there are 13 different patterns of Nuggets, and levels 1-3 appear to be scaled down versions of the full size nuggets.

- the developer calls them stones

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